Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maternity Leave Rocks!

I'm finally on Maternity Leave, and loving it!

Have caught up with friends for coffee, had a breastfeeding class, cooked and frozen several meals, visited a new bubs, sauntered around TTP, put my feet up, pottered around the house, washed cloth nappies, gone to yoga - and look, I've even finally updated the blog....ahhh, life is good!

Currently contemplating walking Baldric around the block.....

Boo has pretty regular "awake" and "asleep" times now, and seems to have more energy as when he's awake, his kicks are very strong and he moves around for ages. Responds to daddys voice a lot! He also get hiccups every arvo at about 4.30pm - good for lung development I read. Not heaps of Braxton Hicks, and when they do come, they don't hang around for long....

FINALLY discovered Zantac (thanks Jess & Ilse) - - should have gone that road ages ago as it has cured my heartburn - - YAY, had a great sleep last night - right through for the first time in about 5 weeks!!!!!!!

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Cenna said...

Well enjoy every moment you get my love as this is officially the last time you have a moment to yourself. If I make any suggestions, go and enjoy a very very very long relaxing bath now while you can.

FYI Mark thinks tomorrow is the day for you guys! We are waiting for the you both